Friday, March 21, 2008

SEE2TALK: Learning and Bridge Building Through Technology: Videophone Teleconferencing

In response to ongoing deployments of soldiers to Iraq and new military restrictions on internet use, NY State Building Trades Council Donates $40,000 in Videophones and free phone service to help Soldiers and their Families to help them deal with repeated Deployment to Iraq. Kids are saying goodbye for the 3rd time as parents are deployed again to Iraq and there is no rule protecting both parents from being deployed at the same time.
Building Construction and Trades Council of Greater NY: Plumbers Local No. 1. Local 46: Metallic Lathers Union, New York State Iron Workers Union, District Council of Carpenters and Joiners, Teamsters Local #282, Cement and Concrete Workers D.C. 16 and other unions, are quickly stepping up with Operation Union in efforts to help families, who are seeing loved ones deployed repeatedly to Iraq, while facing new internet restrictions for soldiers. In addition, rank-and-file union members or any interested person can support the program by purchasing a videophone for themselves or a loved one at Proceeds from every sale on the website will go toward purchasing additional phones for the troops or extending service on phones that already have been donated.

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Churches, Missions, Spreading the Gospel

I showed this videophone to my pastor। He said "You've had this how long and didn't tell us? It saves the church money on traveling to their many missions locations: churches and schools around the world. Usually church staff go to the missions locations to teach classes in nutrition. Now with the videophone,
  • They can hook the phone to a monitor or TV with one cord, and teach in another country, without leaving their office.
  • Have interactive church services or studies, church to mission
  • Take the videophone to those sick and "shut in" and allow them to see the church service from their bed
  • Allow staff members to see and talk to (teleconference with) other staff members in offices on the next floor, next building or the next state. Unlimited calls.

American Sign Language/Deaf Schools

The Videophone allows young and old to use sign language and facial expressions to communicate on the phone:
  • ASL/Deaf and Hearing classes can share classroom experiences with each other.
  • Deaf and mute students now have a low cost phone they can use anytime and never have to hang up because of the low flat fee.
  • Parents of deaf and hearing students can call in to the school and communicate with their children face to face.
  • Using the videophone is very much like visiting in person because communication happens verbally, facially, through movement and showing objects

Distance Learning
  • Students from graduate level to pre-school can use the videophone to connect and foster understanding between classes of students in different schools and different cities, share lessons, collaborate
  • They can talk or wave to each other or previously filmed video can be shown from one country to another, by connecting a simple cord to the back of the videophone
  • Teachers or technical experts, like doctors, dentists or engineers, can guide others in a procedure in another country, the videophone is as easy to use as a regular phone. Connect one cord to the TV or monitor and you have teleconferencing.
  • Students can share an event, exhibit or festival with another class monitor to monitor or create international meetings.
  • Using the videophone is very much like visiting, in person, because communication happens verbally, facially, through gestures and showing objects.
  • Students can study language and lifestyles by calling and interacting with people from other countries and walks of life, while viewing their day-to-day life.
Small Business Phones can get a free 3 line business phone with each extension of service. For example if an organization gets 3 extensions they can get 3 free business phones(usually $175 each, now free), and a free fax line for $146.00, with call hunting, auto-attendant and park and page as well as many other features

Fund Raising Opportunities

This LINX2Funds (L2F) program provides groups with on-going, monthly contributions as opposed to today’s short-term fund raising events.

Our program also focuses on benefiting both your organization and supporters at the same time. We’re prepared to bring these benefits to your church , school, organization.

Both non-profit and profit organizations with a cause are eligible to receive on-going monthly income every month supporters use their services.

If you are interested in fund raising send an email request and contact information to

Native Horizon, LLC P.O. Box 521 College Station, New York, New York 10030 917-210-0530

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